Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers (IFMD) are three siblings from Winnipeg, Manitoba who share a passion for dance, not just any dance, its all about the Red River Jig! 

They perform traditional dances of the Red River Jig mixed with modern dancing known as the hip-hop jig. Through their gift of dance, they have had great opportunities to travel the world to showcase their type of music and dance. They hold numerous achievements and awards.

IFMD hope to motivate and inspire people of all ages and bring awareness that our Culture is going strong and continues to be ambitious with this music and dance.  

Their main focus is to attract the youth through the rhythm and style of their very own unique dancing and showcase traditional dances of the Red River Jig and Square Dance. 


The siblings show used to be called Slick and Lil Jay featuring Cieanna, back in February 2012 they lost one of their biggest supporters, Grandpa Ivan Flett passed away at a young age of 53 years old. It was with great sadness but an honor to rename themselves the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. Every dance they do is in honor him of him. 


Their show wouldn't be complete with the outfits, they want to thank their Grandma Dawn Harris-Flett who designs and custom makes all of their outfits. We appreciate Designs by Dawn.


IFMD would also like to thank their family and friends and fans for all their continued love and support.